Carpenters Shipping was launched in March 2010 to provide niche shipping
services to the Asia-Pacific markets.

MBf Carpenters Shipping Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of MBf Holdings Bhd, a privately owned company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The business activities of MBf Holdings Bhd span financial services, retail, trading, plantations, industry and property to shipping services. MBf Holdings Bhd operates extensive business activities in South Pacific and Carpenters Shipping provides reliable and dedicated shipping services to a wide range of in-house and open market customers.

Our customers needs are always in the forefront of our thoughts and our modest size allows us to give our customers the more traditional personalised shipping service they deserve. A first class hassle free customer experience has always been and will continue to be our key goal.

In 2014 Carpenters Shipping entered into a vessel sharing agreement which helped to expand our service offering to customers opening up direct shipping services between China and Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In addition to these new services we now offer more sailings than ever from our traditional trading area of South East Asia. All told the extensive array of services now on offer to our customers is second to none.
Service summary
Route Voyages PA
Asia to / from Papua New Guinea 106
Asia to / from Solomon Islands 53
Asia to / from Vanuatu 44

In Asia and the Pacific we have an extensive 3rd party agency network supported by our in-house agencies in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Our team carries a wealth of experience in liner shipping and in particular within Oceania.

At Carpenters Shipping we understand the challenges and complexities of doing business in the region and our team is focussed on supporting and growing trade and industry through our reliable shipping solutions and far-reaching industry networks.

We’re ‘Making Waves’ by delivering a schedule reliability that you can feel confident building your business around, and offering a Client Services approach that is always there to help. Why not contact one of our team to find out more about how we can assist your business?